Arena Energy/Arena Offshore

NOIA Member Spotlight


Founded in 1999 and based in The Woodlands, Texas, Arena Energy is a privately held independent oil & gas producer focused on pursing lower-risk drilling opportunities that exist on the Gulf of Mexico shelf.  Using the latest technology and a detailed technical team approach, Arena Energy is able to unlock new oil and gas drilling opportunities.  As a result, Arena Energy’s oil and gas reserve base has been created primarily through drilling wells, rather than from acquiring existing production.


Since inception of the company, Arena Energy has invested over $2.7 billion in capital and drilled more than 250 wells with a success rate of more than 90% and an average working interest of more than 75%.  Over the years, Arena Energy’s expertise in Gulf of Mexico shelf exploitation has resulted in growing their drilling prospect inventory substantially while many competitors have instead chosen to leave the Gulf of Mexico.


Founded in 2002, Arena Offshore, an affiliate company to Arena Energy, serves as the “operator” in support of Arena Energy’s exploitation efforts.  Arena Offshore provides engineering and operational expertise in drilling and completions, production, construction, regulatory permitting and management of safe and compliant operations.  While Arena Offshore is also based in The Woodlands, it maintains a Production Operations office in Lafayette, Louisiana as well.  Over the last five years, Arena Offshore has been the second most active driller in the Gulf of Mexico and now operates 95 offshore platforms.

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In the Gulf of Mexico, several key advantages drive Arena Offshore’s growth and makes them the operating partner of choice for leading E&P companies:

  • Exemplary Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance performance
  • Organizational and Operational Agility
  • A track record of Efficiency
  • Commitment to Structural Integrity
  • Singular focus on the GOM Shelf
  • Long-Term Commitment
  • Strong Partner Network


Arena Energy and Arena Offshore are also active in giving back to communities both along the Gulf of Mexico and around the world.  In 2008, the Arena Foundation was created to provide support for nonprofit organizations. Funded entirely by company owners, the Arena Foundation donates to a variety of humanitarian causes based on need, giving priority to projects that are particularly meaningful to our employees.