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NOIA Member Spotlight

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Based in Norway, Kongsberg Maritime is an international solutions provider for merchant marine, offshore and subsea. It operates in nearly 30 locales around the world, including Saint Rose, Louisiana and Houston, Texas.

The company is among the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore and marine technology, developing and integrating innovative and reliable control and automation solutions to maximize performance – by providing ‘The Full Picture’. The company has also built a strong platform for delivery of turnkey engineering services within the shipbuilding and floating production sectors.

Kongsberg Maritime solutions are designed to deliver efficiency through precise control and data, and are custom-integrated to suit the specific needs of vessels or operations. The company’s portfolio includes systems for Dynamic Positioning, navigation, automation and surveillance, satellite and underwater positioning, process automation, hydroacoustics, and simulation and training.

Kongsberg Maritime’s diverse technology base is designed to enhancing efficiency and safety throughout the whole E&P and maritime technology spectrum.


From innovative seismic streamer control systems and advanced underwater positioning technology through to cutting-edge hydroacoustic survey equipment and sophisticated Underwater Vehicles, Kongsberg Maritime serves the oil & gas exploration and scientific research sectors, including vessels for drilling such as anchor handling and offshore support vessels, with the most accurate and reliable technology solutions available today.

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Field development

Kongsberg Maritime systems enable vessels to navigate safely and stay on station with high accuracy. Its integrated systems are used on offshore vessels, including pipe layers, subsea installation and support vessels. Along with bridge control, power management, and safety management systems, Kongsberg Marine provides cutting edge control centers for drilling operations, including advanced riser management systems, transponders for seabed reference and positioning, reliable communication and acoustic emergency shutdown capabilities.


Kongsberg Maritime technology enhances production and minimise downtime. Integrated system deliveries include engineering and technology. The state-of-the art Kongsberg Information Management System’ (K-IMS) enables the Digital oilfield with advanced information sharing delivering detailed insight into operations for offshore and shore-based teams as well as process automation technology.

Maritime transportation

Kongsberg Maritime technology ensures safe and efficient maritime operations. It provides Full Picture integrated technology packages for all ships and offshore vessel types, including crew transport, anchor handlers, and LNG and oil tankers. All vessels with Kongsberg Maritime on board have access to an extensive global customer support team providing expert assistance around the clock, which minimises costs and downtime should support be required.

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