Spectrum Geo

NOIA Member Spotlight

Spectrum Geo has seen astounding changes within its organization both in terms of size and scope over the last 5 years. It is now considered by many to be a key player and one of the fasting growing companies within the seismic services market. Spectrum provides world-class, innovative Multi-Client seismic surveys and high quality Seismic Imaging services to the global oil and gas industry from offices strategically located throughout the world.  Its global library of 2D offshore seismic data is the largest of its kind and the company specializes in using this vast collection of seismic information to target key regions of hydrocarbon prospectivity, de-risking under-explored areas through geological analysis and by solving Seismic Imaging challenges.

Spectrum focuses on both the major, established hydrocarbon-producing regions of the world in addition to key frontier areas identified by their experienced team of geoscientists. New projects are carefully selected to ensure they are relevant to future hydrocarbon exploration and the data library comprises a wide range of seismic products including new acquisition, modern reprocessing, and interpretation reports. Spectrum also offers up-to-date Seismic Imaging techniques to overcome even the toughest seismic processing challenges with geophysicists providing sophisticated 3D and 2D services in both the time and depth domain, for customers worldwide. Offices are equipped with high-speed communication capabilities facilitating a global 24-hour processing operation and the company is committed to the development and commercialization of innovative geophysical technologies and Seismic Imaging techniques. These technological developments are focused on providing clients with the latest processing solutions.

Spectrum’s geological experts work closely with local governments and oil companies to commission new surveys or reprocess archived data in order to successfully rejuvenate exploration interest within a region. They take full advantage of a huge Multi-Client seismic data which specializes in regional coverage and includes projects from most of the foremost oil producing regions of the world, totalling over 3.3 million km of high quality 2D seismic alongside more than 160,000 km2 of significant 3D data coverage in key areas. Spectrum strives to provide world-leading Multi-Client and Seismic Imaging Services through persistence, dedication, and commitment to quality.

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