Venari Resources

Founded in 2012 by Brian Reinsborough, Venari Resources LLC is a privately held offshore exploration and development company. Backed by more than $2.3 billion in private equity investment, Venari immediately became one of the largest financially backed oil and gas start-ups ever and today is a dynamic player in the Gulf of Mexico.

Venari has built a nimble culture focusing on better, quicker decisions. This nimble decision-making means that Venari is able to make investments in days, not months or years. When opportunities are present, Venari can get to the table first and become the non-operating partner of choice for drill-ready deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration projects.

A highly specialized company, Venari focuses on the prolific deepwater subsalt play in the Gulf of Mexico. The projects Venari chooses require miles of drilling, targeting billions of barrels of oil, all beneath layers of salt. As a non-operating partner, Venari takes minority working interests in multiple near-term opportunities with large reserve potential and attractive risk-reward profiles.

In fact, Venari’s strategy allowed it to be one of the first companies to enter the deepwater Gulf of Mexico following the end of the two-year moratorium in the wake of the Macondo incident. Venari made the Shenandoah discovery and the nearby Coronado discovery, both within less than a year of its founding. Building upon their early success, in 2014, Venari participated in a significant discovery at Anchor. Through winning bids for leases and joint venture acquisitions, Venari has become a Top 10 lease holder in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico.

Supporting Venari’s mission is its investment in cutting-edge regional 3D Wide Azimuth (WAZ) seismic databases covering significant areas of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Venari’s geophysical action plan includes proprietary in-house techniques for depth imaging, illumination studies, proprietary data conditioning, and inversion and attributes generation. This plan helps reduce risk and increase opportunities for discovery.

The Venari team is the cornerstone of its success. While a relatively younger company, Venari has hired employees with decades of industry experience. Venari’s team has been involved in discovering over five billion barrels in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The Venari team of explorers, engineers and commercial specialists average 30 years of experience, including more than 10 years in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Venari employees place a premium on working together, collaborating and complementing each other. [Not just within the organization, but also with its partners in the Gulf of Mexico.]

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