Thanking Energy This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a favorite time of year for millions of Americans. People come together to give thanks for their friends, family and food. The energy industry – including the offshore industry – is helping Americans ensure they can have the best Thanksgiving possible.

Bringing People Together

Whether you are packing the family van to drive to grandma’s or braving airport lines to introduce your (new) significant other to your family, access to affordable and reliable transportation can make or break your Thanksgiving plans. Offshore energy production helps ensure there is a secure and steady supply of oil that can be turned into jet fuel and gasoline. Thanks in part to record-setting offshore production, America’s oil and natural gas boom is reducing gas prices for consumers and lowering transportation costs for everyone.

Enjoying Bountiful Feasts

On Thanksgiving Thursday, pies are baked, turkeys are roasted and naps in front of the TV are possible thanks to our industry. Putting a new spin on farm-to-table, fertilizers are made from natural gas, transportation is made more affordable through strong oil production and irrigation and refrigeration powered increasingly by natural gas. Not to mention how our industry helps with the preparation of food by powering stoves, ovens and all our kitchen appliances. Natural gas now powers about 24 percent of the total energy consumption of the residential sector. By ensuring energy is affordable and reliable, families can spend more time enjoying each others company.

Pigskin Classics

While the smell of turkey and pie brings families to the table, America’s favorite pastime – football – sends everyone back outside. Surprising to many, the Annual Family Pigskin Classic would not exist without oil and natural gas. Sneakers, athletic wear and, most importantly, the football are made from petroleum products. And, if the contest gets too spirited, our industry has helped modernized emergency rooms everywhere. Crutches, casts, x-rays and more all use materials made from oil and natural gas. While we hope everyone has a safe holiday, just know that if someone gets too carried away playing football, our industry has you covered.


Whether you are jet setting across the country or staying close to home, the holiday season is made safer, easier and more affordable thanks to the offshore energy industry. And with its astounding engineering and mega-projects, the offshore energy industry is the anchor of our modern lives. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and give a little thanks to the men and women who help make Thanksgiving as we know it possible.