Court Ramsay

Following is the energy story of Court Ramsay of Lafayette, Louisiana:

What is your name, title/occupation, and where do you live?

Court Ramsay, President/Aries Marine Corp., Lafayette, LA

Can you tell us a little about what your company does and your role?

Aries provides marine services with two distinct types of vessels, liftboats and offshore service vessels. Besides financial oversight and strategy, I’m regularly involved in direct marketing, new business development, safety and environmental initiatives and being a cheerleader.

How long have you worked in the offshore energy industry?

I worked as a shop hand and hot shot driver as a young man but have been in the corporate office 25 years.

What originally attracted you to the offshore energy industry, and what has kept you in the industry?

I am the second generation of a family owned business. After several years in the equine industry during the 1980s and early 1990s and a short stint in wine making in Virginia in 1993 I returned to Aries. The risks and rewards of this business are tough and exciting; it’s great to be part of such a tangible industry.

What types of job opportunities does your company offer? What skills make potential employees a good fit with the team?

Most of our employees are USCG licensed mariners. Attitude is the biggest part of a successful team member. With the right credentials of sea service we look for conscientious, safety minded team players. We offer family wage paying jobs with rich benefits.

How much of a priority is worker safety and environmental stewardship for your company? Can you give an example of safety or environmental practices within your company?

This is priority #1. Over the last two years we have conducted over 1,000 System Task Evaluation Processes (STEP) onboard and offshore during critical task activities. These are field audits that measure competency and compliance. We are serious about safety!

How has the industry changed in the last five years? Are there any new technologies or practices that you wish had previously existed?

This industry has changed dramatically over the course of time. Many of the new generation vessels have bridges that look more space age than maritime. Technology has opened doors and abilities once thought impossible. Our vessels regularly, assist in highly technical operations, subsea, thousands of feet below sea level.

I don’t spend much time looking backward. Sure, communications have come a long way but we all got the job done before satellite communications. Industries always tend to improve themselves as they mature; it’s a natural evolution as people and markets dictate a better way of doing things.

What does your family do for fun when you are not working?

We like to travel, entertain, and keep up with the kids. With two children in college and one still in high school we spend a lot of time supporting their activities.

People who do not live along the Gulf Coast might not know about the fishing, beaches and other outdoor draws to the region. How much are the outdoors part of the way of life for energy workers along the Gulf of Mexico?

We love the water and beach. Our entire family enjoys one or more of the following: boating, fishing, waterskiing, sailing, and diving. Offshore fishing is one of my greatest enjoyments.  Just about all Aries employees enjoy the water in one form or another. Some even trade in the fisheries industries on their off time.

Finally, what is the one thing you would like to tell Americans about life alongside America’s offshore energy production?

Energy production is an American story. Over the years our citizens have been at the forefront of the development of the energy business worldwide. American ingenuity has brought along technologies that make possible energy production in all forms. U.S. tenacity and expertise in energy development can be seen in all areas of the world, whether it be the North Sea, Middle East or South America. I find it to be a privilege to be part of an exciting field that makes modern life and modern conveniences possible, after all it was less than 120 years ago that automobiles were just being invented. At Aries we are a proud team of Americans that go offshore every day and  responsibly support energy production, energy that touches and helps every one of our neighbors.

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