NOIA Environmental, Social & Governance Program

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Program is a programmatic effort to share and develop best practices across the offshore energy industry. From top to bottom, NOIA members are already embracing ESG principles as dedicated stewards of the environment and of local communities, and the ESG Program unifies and align their efforts. Through innovation, best ESG practices and new technology, our industry can solve environmental and climate challenges facing society.

NOIA ESG Pledges

The following companies have signed the NOIA ESG Network participation agreement.

Foundational ESG Principles

  • NOIA member companies provide the energy that is essential for our everyday lives and raises the quality of life of our communities, reducing poverty and hunger while promoting good heath and well-being.
  • We operate in coastal and ocean environments with safety, health, environmental protection and sustainability as core values.
  • We share a commitment to a high standard of corporate citizenship and continuous improvement in environmental, social and governance performance.
  • We recognize the risks of climate change and, as innovators, we strive to contribute solutions and best practices to optimally balance societal and environmental needs.
Environmental Principles

NOIA and its Members commit to:

  • Using energy efficiently;
  • Managing water and waste responsibly;
  • Advancing best practices to reduce environmental impact and promote ecosystem health.

NOIA Climate Change Principle:

  • NOIA and its member companies commit to a collaborative approach with all stakeholders in providing solutions that balance economic, environmental and energy needs for society. We contribute to the advancement of principles of innovation, conservation, efficiency, resiliency, mitigation and adaptation that must be part of a systematic approach to addressing the climate challenge.
Social Principles

NOIA and its Members commit to:

  • Diversity and inclusion in hiring and employment practices;
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for employees and partners;
  • Improving communities where we work and live.
Governance Principles

NOIA and its Members commit to:

  • Operate in an ethical manner and in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Implementing processes that incorporate ESG principles and practices.
  • Manage risk through appropriate controls.

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