Barton & Cuellar: The Growing Case for Ending the Crude Oil Export Ban

US Capitol DomeRoll Call, Monday July 6, 2015

The advantages of lifting the ban on crude oil exports are not just theoretical talking points discussed in the halls of Congress, but rather supported by a large and growing body of research by government agencies, academic institutions and think tanks across the political spectrum. The latest is a study released by the Harvard Business School and the Boston Consulting Group. It highlights the obvious benefits lifting the ban will have on American families and businesses, our economy and global allies.

The study discusses the changing U.S. energy landscape and the opportunities made possible by America’s new energy abundance. The fear of a crippling dependence on foreign oil that existed in the 1970s, when the export ban was put in place, is no longer applicable today. In fact, the U.S. is now the world’s top petroleum producer largely due to our recent ability to produce oil and natural gas from shale formations. The world has changed drastically in the past 40 years and it is time for our policies to accurately reflect the current conditions in which we now live. We must embrace the United States’ new leading role on the world energy stage and recognize the value it would create in our everyday lives.

Read the full op-ed at Roll Call. 

Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) represents Texas' sixth congressional district and is the Chair emeritus for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) represents Texas' twenty-sixth congressional district and serves on the House Appropriations Committee.


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