Energy Independence

US Reliance On OPEC Oil Hits 30-Year Low

Daily Caller |Michael Bastasch | June 13, 2019 U.S. crude oil imports from the Saudi Arabian-led OPEC fell to a 30-year low, according to the latest federal figures. OPEC imports fell to 1.5 million barrels per day in March, which is the lowest level since […]

Don’t Believe Donald Trump; We’ll Be Just Fine Without Saudi Arabia

Cato | Emma Ashford | October 16, 2018 With the rumored killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, opinion in Washington appears to be turning decisively against longtime ally Saudi Arabia. Think tanks are returning Saudi money, lobbying firms are rejecting Saudi business, and Congress is actively considering sanctions on Saudi […]

Energy Secretary Rick Perry: ‘True energy independence is finally within our grasp’

CNBC | Secretary Rick Perry | July 29, 2018 By all accounts, the United States is in the midst of truly spectacular progress in the vital realm of energy. Spurred by technological breakthroughs unleashed by innovation, deregulation and pro-growth policies, we are now producing energy […]

Let new tech guide energy exploration

The Post & Courier | May 29, 2017 | William Schachte Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., recently filed a bill to suspend testing and drilling for oil and natural gas in the Atlantic coastal region for the next 10 years. This was in response to a new […]

Energy Producers Edge Closer to Tapping ‘Drilled but Uncompleted’ Wells

Wall Street Journal | October 22, 2016 | Erin Ailworth U.S. oil and gas companies have drilled thousands of wells they have yet to tap, creating a ready reserve of fuel that could surge onto the market when energy prices recover. As producers report quarterly earnings […]

Chris John: People tired of not being heard

The News-Star | August 11, 2016 | Chris John To borrow loosely from William Shakespeare, these times can only be described as “the summer of discontent.” All across the country, in various circles, it is becoming evident that citizens feel strongly that their voices are […]

Gloomy Days in the Oil Patch, but Some See a Glimmer of Light

New York Times | July 29, 2016 | Clifford Krauss & Stanley Reed HOUSTON — As recently as two summers ago, Latshaw Drilling was so fully booked it sometimes had to turn away oil companies eager to rent one of its 39 rigs at $22,000 […]

Alaska Natives Say Yes to Alaska’s Offshore Development

RealClearEnergy | June 28, 2016 | Herb Ilisaurri Schroeder and Matt Ggax Calhoun As we enter the final stretches of the presidential campaign, issues that will dictate the future of United States energy are becoming more polarized than ever. Notably, rhetoric continues to intensify surrounding the […]

Institute for Energy Research: Voting For Energy

Forbes | June 14, 2016 | Robert Bradley, Jr. Despite the divisiveness of this election season, Americans from both parties share common ground. As polls show, voters want the next president to inject life into our sluggish economy. The nation created only 38,000 jobs last […]

U.S. Energy Sec. Ernest Moniz: Fossil fuels will remain important to America

Casper Star-Tribune | June 13, 2016 | Benjamin Storrow  JACKSON — Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz pledged support Monday for clean coal research, saying fossil fuels would continue to play a role in the country’s energy mix. Those comments, delivered at the annual gathering of the […]
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