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Model offshore wind turbine to send first electrons into US grid this week

... of a cost-effective, job-creating, innovative U.S. offshore wind technology." The goal also includes reducing the the cost of offshore wind to 10 cents per kilowatt hour by 2020, in order to compete with other forms of electricity generation ... Go to Source

Bipartisan oil deal a positive step

Agreements with those nations could become critical if the United States takes the prudent step to open more offshore areas to potential oil and natural gas drilling. Expanding the areas that are open to offshore drilling would be move us toward energy ... See all stories […]

Approval of Offshore Drilling Safety Institute Wins Commendation from Antonio

As a business leader who serves as the chairman of the board at offshore drilling service company Blue Marine Technology Group, Antonio Juan Marcos Issa remains focused on discovering opportunities for development in the industry. According to Issa, in ... Go to Source

Offshore drilling proponents launch new push on Capitol Hill

The oil and gas industry and their allies in Congress are renewing a campaign to expand drilling along the U.S. coastline, The Houston Chronicle reports. "There ... to Source

Virginia Beach NAACP rallies behind Rep. Rigell offshore drilling bill

Diamond Offshore oil gas platform ocean courage
The Virginia Beach chapter of the NAACP threw its support this week behind federal legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Scott Rigell, R-Virginia Beach, to lift the moratorium on drilling for natural gas and oil in the state's coastal waters. Rigell's ... Go to Source

The business case for wind power: Opinion

People sometimes ask why an Internet company like Google has chosen to invest in the Atlantic Wind Connection — a multi-billion-dollar electric transmission “backbone” designed to carry power from offshore wind farms. The answer is simple: At Google ... Go to Source

Deepwater Horizon incident reporting transitioning to National Response Center

Offshore staff NEW ORLEANS – The Deepwater Horizon Gulf Coast Incident Management Team is going back to National Response Center reporting. This is part of the National Contingency Plan and should cover the coastlines of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi by mid-June. The function of the […]

Obama officials face tough questions on oil drilling, land access

And she noted that despite the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster — and a five-month ban on some offshore drilling that followed — “there are now more floating rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico” than before the spill. Murkowski acknowledged the ... FuelFix Go to […]

Last Cuban offshore oil project ending for now

A Russian oil company using a Norwegian-owned drilling rig is temporarily pulling out of Cuban waters without finding any significant sources of crude, but industry watchers say it is too soon to dismiss Cuba's offshore energy potential. The Songa ... Go to Source

Interior official hears wide range of input on oil drilling in Arctic

Anchorage — Against the backdrop of Royal Dutch Shell's troubled 2012 attempt to drill in the Arctic Ocean, a top Interior official -- and former Alaskan -- heard the gamut of views Thursday about whether and how oil companies can safely drill ... Go to […]
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