Seismic Survey

LTE: Seismic data is of immense scientific value

The Post & Courier | Chris McClindon | July 29, 2019 As an outspoken advocate for the collection of scientific data to study the Earth, I was gratified by Bo Peterson’s May 30 story on U.S. Geological Survey’s project to collect geophysical data to study […]

WoodMac: Exploration survey shows industry optimistic amid geopolitics

Oil & Gas Journal | Paula Dittrick | May 13, 2019 Wood Mackenzie said its 11th annual exploration survey shows the oil and gas industry foresees a return to profits enabling exploration of promising prospects. WoodMac surveyed 258 senior energy leaders and exploration professionals worldwide. […]

Op-ed: Seismic surveys provide a safe foundation for offshore energy

Randall Luthi: "Despite claims to the contrary, there is no scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that seismic surveys harm fish or marine mammals."

Trump administration’s plan to unlock offshore resources is great news for America’s national security

FOX News | Michael James Barton | January 27, 2019 U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel recently barred the Interior Department from moving forward with its offshore drilling plans until the federal government reopens. According to his injunction, the department is prohibited “from taking action to […]

East Coast governors wrong to oppose Trump’s plan for seismic testing in Atlantic

The Hill | Robert W. Chase | January 4, 2019 If you care about our nation’s economy and jobs, now is not the time to oppose seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean. Yet that is precisely what several East Coast governors have done in an effort to […]

Seismic testing approved in Atlantic, as Trump pursues drilling there

Houston Chronicle | James Osborne | December 3, 2018 WASHINGTON - The Trump administration has approved seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean, in what would be the first step in expanding offshore oil and gas drilling to the East Coast. In a notice published Friday, […]

NOAA issues Mid-Atlantic OCS incidental harassment authorizations

Oil & Gas Journal | Nick Snow | November 30, 2018 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s fisheries division issued long-awaited incidental harassment authorizations to five geophysical contractors to conduct the first oil and gas seismic evaluations on the US Mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf since […]

Trump Said to Advance Seismic Surveys for Oil in Atlantic

Bloomberg | Jennifer Dlouhy | November 29, 2018 The Trump administration is taking a major step toward allowing a first-in-a-generation seismic search for oil and gas under Atlantic waters, despite protests that the geological tests involve loud air gun blasts that will harm whales, dolphins […]

TGS completes major seismic surveys in Atlantic regions

Offshore | November 2, 2018 ASKER, Norway – TGS has issued updates on its offshore seismic acquisition programs. In 3Q 2018, TGS had six 3D seismic vessels (three operated under joint venture agreements) and one coring vessel in operation. In September, the company completed acquisition of […]

Scientists warn against losing a crucial research ship: The National Science Foundation ‘has betrayed us’

Washington Post | Ben Guarino | May 8, 2018 Marine scientists are bracing for the loss of the world-class research vessel Marcus G. Langseth. The National Science Foundation plans to sell the 235-foot ship in 2020, according to a "Dear Colleague" letter published on the agency's website last month. Without a […]
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