Conservation Funding Protection Act Protects Vital Funding for Parks and Conservation

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Contact:  Justin Williams, (202) 465-8464,

Conservation Funding Protection Act Protects Vital Funding for Parks and Conservation

Washington, D.C. – National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) President Erik Milito issued the following statement after Gulf Coast Senators introduced the Conservation Funding Protection Act:

“Virtually the entire funding of the Land & Water Conservation Fund and the new National Parks and Public Lands Legacy Restoration Fund under the Great American Outdoor Act is dependent upon continued energy production from the Gulf of Mexico. This legislation is critical to protecting this funding and guaranteeing that future generations and our underserved communities throughout the country will have access to parks and outdoor recreational programs.

“NOIA applauds Senator John Kennedy for introducing the bill and Senators Bill Cassidy, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and Roger Wicker for their leadership in cosponsoring and looks forward to working to advance this bill through Congress. Greater regulatory certainty and protection for American offshore energy means greater regulatory certainty and protection for American conservation and environmental stewardship.

“Legislative protection of continued American offshore oil and gas production serves to ensure that funding remains in place for conservation programs and for maintenance and improvements at our national parks. This legislation effectively protects hundreds of thousands of jobs and environmental funding throughout every U.S. state. U.S. offshore energy provides source of energy with a small environmental footprint, produced with a low carbon intensity and under the highest level of regulations and standards.”


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