Greetings From New BSEE Director Brian Salerno

It is an honor to join BSEE today as the new Director. I am looking forward to working with the offshore community to ensure safe, secure, and environmentally sound offshore operations. In my previous positions with the US Coast Guard I had the privilege of working with BSEE employees on many issues, and was able to experience first hand their skill and dedication.

Prior to joining BSEE I served for over 36 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, retiring in 2012. While with the Coast Guard I worked predominately in maritime safety, security, environmental protection, and emergency response, most recently as the Deputy Commandant for Operations. Since leaving the Coast Guard, I have performed some consulting work for BSEE, which examined relationships between BSEE, the Coast Guard, other government agencies and the industry. I also participated in the ongoing study of oil spill preparedness in the Arctic, conducted by the Ocean Studies Board of the National Academies of Sciences.

I look forward to building on the great progress BSEE made under Director Watson, who set a high bar in his two years with the agency. Under his leadership BSEE developed a culture that prioritizes safety above all else and I appreciate the support you have given to the bureau in support of its mission.

In the past few years BSEE has also strengthened relationships with its partners, and I look forward to building on those relationships. As we move forward, I hope that we can all remain focused on worker safety and protecting the marine and coastal ecosystems.

This is a dynamic time to be working on the OCS as we deal with new technologies and the challenges of ensuring that operations are conducted in a safe manner. I am fully confident that we are all prepared for the challenges ahead and I look forward to working with each of you.


Brian Salerno

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