NOIA Applauds Confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke

RandallLuthi_webFor Immediate Release: Wedneday, March 1, 2017
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NOIA Applauds Confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke,
Hopeful for Recommitment to Offshore Opportunities

 Washington, D.C. National Ocean Industries Association President Randall Luthi today issued the following statement on the Confirmation of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) congratulates Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke on his bipartisan confirmation.  Secretary Zinke brings the promise of dawn after eight years of darkness for the offshore energy industry.  His confirmation testimony laid out a sensible and fair path forward for the United States to not only maintain, but increase its energy leadership.  That path leads to the return of a truly broad-based energy policy, using both traditional offshore energy sources, such as oil and natural gas, and non-traditional sources, such as wind.

“NOIA encourages Secretary Zinke to promote policies that both maintain access in current offshore development areas and increase the offshore areas available for sensible oil and natural gas exploration.  As the prior administration left office, it withdrew vast swathes of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans from leasing consideration, leaving almost 94 percent of the outer continental shelf off the table before even really looking to see what resources may lie there.  The prior administration’s answer to meeting the growing world energy demand appeared to be based almost solely upon renewable energy.  While renewable energy is undoubtedly a part of our energy future, Secretary Zinke promises a more realistic, rational and robust approach that acknowledges that oil and natural gas will still meet nearly 80 percent of the world’s energy needs in 2040.

“NOIA hopes Secretary Zinke will immediately begin work on a new five year offshore leasing program that addresses the recent illogical and shortsighted Atlantic and Arctic withdrawals.  We also hope he will reestablish the Department’s commitment to safe and sensible seismic surveying to determine the extent of our nation’s oil and natural gas resources in those areas.  We also support efforts to continue to develop offshore wind in a logical and sensible manner.  NOIA looks forward to working with Secretary Zinke on these issues and more in the coming years.”



NOIA is the only national trade association representing all segments of the offshore industry with an interest in the exploration and production of both traditional and renewable energy resources on the nation’s outer continental shelf.  NOIA’s mission is to secure reliable access and a fair regulatory and economic environment for the companies that develop the nation’s valuable offshore energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner. The NOIA membership comprises about 300 companies engaged in business activities ranging from producing to drilling, engineering to marine and air transport, offshore construction to equipment manufacture and supply, telecommunications to finance and insurance, and renewable energy.

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