Delmar Systems, Inc.

NOIA Member Spotlight

466489_Delmar_PLFounded in 1968, Delmar Systems, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing mooring services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Based in Broussard, Louisiana, Delmar has an engineering/technical group and a sales office in Houston, Texas, and a shore base in Port Fourchon, Louisiana. In addition, Delmar Systems, Pty., Ltd., is an Australian subsidiary company that operates a technical sales office in Perth, Western Australia and a base facility in Karratha, Western Australia. From these locations, Delmar has contributed to offshore oil and gas operations around the world, including Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, the Philippines, Russia, and Venezuela. Stateside projects include Alaska, California, Hawaii and projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

Delmar-Sets-Up-New-RD-Team-622x432The Port Fourchon location is an 11-acre, 24-hour lighted shore base facility, which hosts the largest lifting capacity crane (600 tons with a 330 foot boom length) at Port Fourchon. The facility supports deepwater Gulf of Mexico mooring related operations. Along with the extended boom length crane, there is 600 feet of dockside access, which permits multiple vessel loadouts without repositioning either the vessels or the crane.

214Delmar provides clients with offshore mooring-related services including engineering design, mooring analysis, risk assessments, project management, planning and procedures, operational installation, and mooring equipment rentals. Among Delmar's innovations and world records are the development of a suction anchor system that requires only one anchor handling vessel (AHV), a patented, disconnect able subsea connector for both permanent and temporary installations, an OMNI-Max gravity installed anchor, and the Delmar Quick Release (DQR), which permits mooring of traditional dynamic positioning rigs where the assignment requires a high specification rig to be moored to the sea bottom. In addition, Delmar performed the first installation of the Gulf of Mexico's pre-installed taut leg mooring system on a MODU and presently holds the world record mooring depth of a MODU.

179Delmar also provides a variety of subsea component installations. By using traditional anchor handling vessels (AHVs), Delmar plans, engineers and safely and efficiently executes subsea package installations, including subsea trees, jumpers, and tubing head spools for production operations.

Delmar also prides itself on maintaining the highest level of operating safety in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Delmar utilizes pre-job procedures, post-job reports, and active personnel screening, to resolve safety risks before they are encountered. All levels of management, including operations officers, managers, foremen and superintendents, are charged with the maintenance and enforcement of Delmar's safety program, which is recognized as one of the best in the industry for mooring relating operations. For over 47 years, Delmar continues to be the world leader in safe and efficient offshore mooring.

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