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FairfieldNodal is a private, fully integrated geophysical service provider with a 30-year history of performance and innovation. Today, the company is leading the industry in nodal seismic technology, offering a full spectrum of products and services, from systems and acquisition to non-exclusive data licensing, processing and imaging.

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FairfieldNodal began its first 2D transition zone project in Louisiana in 1976, utilizing its revolutionary Telseis® system. Today, FairfieldNodal designs and manufactures the industry’s most reliable true cable-free ZNodal® systems for land and marine applications. Compact, lightweight ZLand® systems require smaller recording crews, affording greater productivity and HSE performance, even in the most challenging terrain.  ZMarine® systems, also completely autonomous, go where conventional systems can’t, safely and efficiently, while capturing superior 3D data at any marine depth.

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FairfieldNodal provides acquisition systems and services in some of the world’s most challenging environments. A containerized node handling system allows crews to deploy anywhere in the world by taking advantage of vessels of opportunity. Using ocean-bottom node (OBN) data acquisition technology, FairfieldNodal is able to gather data, even in areas that are remote, difficult to access, or ecologically sensitive.  FairfieldNodal’s technology is able to provide top-notch data acquisition services in deep and ultra-deep water, shallow waters and transition zones.

ZNodal processing allows for cost-effective prestack time and depth-migration services on large-scale projects by applying advanced networking and workstation clustering technology. With ZNodal licensing, the company markets and licenses non-exclusive 3D data from a continually expanding database, the industry’s premier library covering the Gulf of Mexico shelf, and a growing database in the Permian Basin.

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The company’s ZNodal imaging delivers unsurpassed accuracy in the imaging of complex geology, combining proprietary processing technology with the full range of earth model building and imaging algorithms, including Kirchhoff, wave-equation and reverse-time migration.

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FairfieldNodal is also dedicated to maintaining the highest quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) standards, and has one of the safest and most reliable systems in the world. FairfieldNodal has risk reduction systems built-in, and operation of company equipment requires minimal manual intervention, reducing the likelihood of human-caused error. FairfieldNodal promotes the safe design and handling of all FairfieldNodal products, continually upscaling competencies and certifications within its data acquisition group—and proactively applying those principles when employees interact with client’s equipment and infrastructure.

FairfieldNodal handles manufacturing and data processing from its headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, and operates sales and support offices in London, England, and Beijing, PRC.

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