Jackson Offshore Operators

NOIA Member Spotlight


Founded in May 2011, Jackson Offshore Operators is a minority business enterprise (MBE) that provides marine services to the offshore oil and gas industry.  With offices in Houston and New Orleans, Jackson Offshore operates a fleet of modern Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) and Fast Supply and Intervention Vessels (FSIVs) designed for deepwater operations.


Jackson Offshore was formed in part to provide dedicated deepwater marine services to major oil and offshore service companies wishing to contract with companies involved in the reinvestment and rejuvenation of southern Louisiana and especially New Orleans.  The company is based in Harvey, Louisiana and is similarly dedicated to advancing minority participation in the US offshore marine industry as this industry is truly diverse in it’s ownership and it’s workforce.

Along with President and CEO Lee Jackson’s majority ownership, Jackson Offshore is also comprised of partners that include the senior management of Jackson Offshore Operators, all of whom have extensive experience in the offshore marine services industry.  Mr. Jackson has been very successful in attracting well-seasoned and  well-respected offshore marine services professionals to build his successful company.


Jackson Offshore also prides its self on holding the protection of personnel, the environment, and property as core values.  As part of its safety culture, Jackson Offshore employees will not engage in any work deemed unsafe, and expects any employee to stop working on a task if they have any safety concerns.  Likewise, Jackson Offshore is constantly examining its business and operations to identify and mitigate potential operational risks and for ways in which to improve their efficiency and customer service.


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