National Oilwell Varco

We power the industry that powers the world.

NOV is a leading provider of technology, equipment, and services to the global oil and gas industry. NOV has been pioneering innovations that improve the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and environmental impact of oil and gas operations since 1862. The depth and breadth of NOV’s offerings support customers’ full-field, drilling, completion, and production needs. NOV powers the industry that powers the world. NOV is divided into 3 distinct operating Segments. Each Segment provides unique equipment, technology, and services to address the particular needs of a specific part of the industry.

NOV Rig Systems

We design, manufacture and sell land rigs, offshore drilling equipment packages, including installation and commissioning services, and drilling rig components that mechanize and automate the rig process and functionality. NOV Rig Systems provides comprehensive aftermarket products and services to support land and offshore rigs and drilling rig components.

NOV Wellbore Technologies

We bring together the best minds in the business to ensure that our customers have the tools, service and expertise, they need to succeed. From well planning and site analysis to drilling automation and pipe  lifecycle management, experts from every facet of the drilling process work together to design, manufacture, inspect, supply, and support solutions that help drill faster, safer, more efficient wells.

NOV Completion & Production Solutions

We integrate technologies for well completions and oil and gas production for operations in every type of environment. We design, manufacture and sell equipment and technologies needed for hydraulic fracture  stimulation, well intervention and onshore production including surface transfer, pumps, composite pipe, and artificial lift. In addition, we focus on offshore production with process equipment, floating production systems, and subsea production technologies.

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