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Ridgewood Energy: Technology. Expertise. Discipline.

Ridgewood Energy Corporation is an energy-focused private equity firm and active investor in deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration and production projects. Today, Ridgewood Energy is participating in deepwater oil discoveries with estimated gross reserves in excess of 1.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent (proven plus probable), and it holds interests in a substantial leasehold inventory of Gulf of Mexico oil prospects with additional gross resource estimated to exceed 1.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

Ridgewood Energy was a partner in the development of the Delta House Floating Production System and owns working interests in five projects that produce through the facility.

Ridgewood Energy remains committed to being a value-adding partner to leading exploration and production companies. Its Houston-based team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with dedicated geoscience, production and reservoir engineering, land, marketing, and commercial expertise. The Ridgewood Energy team is highly skilled and accomplished in all areas related to successful oil and gas exploration, development, and production, and brings deep, basin-specific knowledge to the evaluation, execution, and management of projects.

With a strategic focus on projects located in the Central Gulf of Mexico, Ridgewood Energy has concentrated the majority of its deepwater investment activity in the Mississippi Canyon, Green Canyon, Ewing Bank, Atwater Valley, and Keathley Canyon, where Ridgewood Energy, either directly or through its joint venture partnerships, has access to state-of-the-art seismic data coverage. Bidding alongside key joint venture partners, Ridgewood Energy has been among the largest overall participants in Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sales since 2014. In addition to direct participation at lease sales, Ridgewood Energy also acquires leasehold interests from other energy companies and participates in attractive drill-ready projects. This multi-channel approach allows Ridgewood Energy to participate in a broad range of projects, and to partner with many of the Gulf’s leading exploration and production companies.

Ridgewood Energy owns interests in the Buckskin Project, which is under development and will produce through the Lucius facility.

Ridgewood Energy currently manages a strategically focused deepwater Gulf of Mexico investment program with capital commitments of more than $5 billion. This program includes a significant investment that Ridgewood Energy manages on behalf of affiliates of Riverstone Holdings, LLC, which is one of the largest energy-focused private equity firms in the world. On average, since 2014, Ridgewood Energy has deployed approximately $600 million of capital expenditures per year related to deepwater Gulf of Mexico drilling and development activities. During 2017, Ridgewood Energy produced an average of more than 25,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Over the next several years, Ridgewood Energy’s production level of investment in high-value deepwater Gulf of Mexico projects are expected to increase significantly.

Ridgewood Energy owns interests in the Khaleesi and Mormont Projects, which were drilled by using the Seadrill West Neptune drillship.

In the months and years ahead, the team at Ridgewood Energy looks forward to building on its existing relationships – and to forging new partnerships – to develop America’s vital deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil and gas resources. In this pursuit, Ridgewood Energy will remain dedicated to preserving its reputation as a reliable, professional, and value-adding partner to leading energy companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

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