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SEACOR Marine operates a diversified fleet of modern and efficient vessels, servicing the offshore oil and gas exploration, development, and production industry worldwide.

SEACOR Marine engineers its offshore marine vessels utilizing the latest technology combined with modern, cutting-edge equipment and features that enhance safety and improve the efficiency and quality of operations.

The Company’s diverse fleet capabilities include:

  • Anchor handling towing supply (“AHTS”) vessels are used for towing, positioning, and mooring of drilling rigs and other marine equipment in shallow and deepwater environments;
  • Crew boats transport cargo and personnel to and from offshore drilling rigs, platforms, and other installations;
  • Fast support vessels (“FSVs”) are used for deepwater drilling and production support;
  • Platform supply vessels (“PSVs”) transport deck cargo, liquid mud, methanol, diesel fuel, and water;
  • Standby safety vessels respond to emergencies on offshore rigs and production facilities;
  • Specialty vessels are adapted to provide specific construction, production, or accommodation support;
  • Wind farm utility vessels are specially engineered to transport personnel and supplies to offshore wind farm installations; and
  • Lift boats provide a stable platform to carry out well intervention, work-over, decommissioning, and diving operations.

CKOR-8603SEACOR utilizes behavior-based safety schemes, safety incentive programs and an emphasis on face-to-face interaction among equipment operators, safety managers and line managers to strengthen its safety culture. This interaction allows important issues to be elevated by any employee to the highest level of management and forms the fundamental process that propels SEACOR toward its target of “Goal Zero”.  As a core value, safe operations and the protection of the environment are not just priorities but are the foundation upon which SEACOR Marine operates.  With a dedicated team of safety professionals, SEACOR Marine's commitment is to have a safety performance and a safety culture second to none. Together, SEACOR’s personnel and equipment continually set safety and performance records in offshore support.

As a result of SEACOR Marine’s safety practices, NOIA presented the company with the 2015 NOIA Safety in Seas (SIS) Culture of Safety Award and the Safety Practice Award on April 16, 2015 in Washington, D.C.  This is the first time the same company has been presented with both awards in the same year. NOIA added the Culture of Safety award to the competition in 2014.

AliceGMcCallSEACOR Marine is being recognized with the Culture of Safety Award for their safety culture model, which spurred a seven-year trend of a declining total number of Lost Time Incidents, Medical Treatment Incidents, and Pollution Incidents to reach a “Goal Zero” milestone of 0.00 TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) for 2014. The Safety Practice Award was presented to SEACOR Marine for their behavior-based safety program Prevent Accidents Use Safety Equipment (“PAUSE”).

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