NOIA Statement on President Obama’s Energy Speech

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NOIA Statement on President Obama’s Energy Speech


Washington, D.C. NOIA President Randall Luthi today issued the following statement following President Obama’s Energy Speech in Florida:     


“NOIA applauds recognition that our Nation needs an “all of the above” approach when it comes to energy.  We have long supported such a policy.    However, in spite of today’s mention of the importance of oil and natural gas, we remind the Administration that “all of the above” does indeed include oil and natural gas.  To date, the Administration’s actions hindering domestic production has eclipsed any fleeting words of support.


While it is true that production is up in the U.S., it is not a surprise to learn that the increase is attributable to actions taken before this administration took office and on state and private lands onshore.    This Administration loves to conjure the image of “big oil,” but the fact is much of our increased production is a result of smaller, independent operators that would be hit hard by the President’s proposed tax increases at a time when we should be encouraging them to produce more jobs and more energy for America.  So while we should all be pleased when domestic production rises, it makes absolutely no sense to attempt to raise taxes on those that would create jobs and generate more energy production.

While there is indeed no silver bullet to immediately fix high gas prices, the country certainly would have been better served had the administration moved to facilitate new offshore access following the lifting of the moratoria in 2008.    Instead, we are left with the fact that not one new acre outside the areas already opened has been leased and the Administration’s plan for the next five years would not allow for the opening of any truly new areas.  Thus, we are left with leasing, exploration and development taking place in the same areas it has for a generation.  Simply saying areas are “new” does not make it so.   Apparently “all of the above” doesn’t include any truly new sources of offshore oil and natural gas.”


NOIA is the only national trade association representing all segments of the offshore industry with an interest in the exploration and production of both traditional and renewable energy resources on the nation’s outer continental shelf.  NOIA’s mission is to secure reliable access and a fair regulatory and economic environment for the companies that develop the nation’s valuable offshore energy resources in an environmentally responsible manner. The NOIA membership comprises more than 270 companies engaged in business activities ranging from producing to drilling, engineering to marine and air transport, offshore construction to equipment manufacture and supply, telecommunications to finance and insurance, and renewable energy.

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