Permitting Reform Included in Debt Limit Agreement is Long Overdue

NOIA Press Statement Capitol Congress
For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Permitting Reform Included in Debt Limit Agreement is Long Overdue 

Washington, D.C. – National Ocean Industries Association President Erik Milito released the following statement after the details of the bipartisan permitting reform included in the debt limit agreement were released: 

"Finding a bipartisan compromise that reforms our nation’s needlessly burdensome permitting process is welcome news. Modernizing the permitting process and stopping endless bureaucratic red tape will bring a higher level of certainty to critical infrastructure projects that is long overdue. Reforms will help ensure that shovel-ready jobs and robust environmental protections continue to go hand in hand. While further action by Congress to improve the permitting process is needed, including progress to support domestic offshore energy, the provisions in the Fiscal Responsibility Act are a positive first step."


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