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Pharmasafe Industrial LogoPharma-Safe Industrial Services, Inc. (PSIS) opened its doors in 2005, and began providing contract services to the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the world.   PSIS provides Remote Industrial Paramedics, Clerks, Dispatchers, Logistics Coordinators, HSE Personnel, SEMS Compliance, HSE Trainers, Fire-Watch, Rescue Teams, Confined Space Support, High Angle Rescue Teams, CPR/AED/BBP Training, Wellness Programs, and the latest in Telemedicine Capabilities.

Telemedicine Resize

The mission of  PSIS is to provide specialized resources to address the unique needs of the remote industrial community, focusing on delivery of a “day to day value” for the clients.  That focus is achieved through combined roles such as Remote Industrial Paramedic/Clerk, or Remote Industrial Paramedic/HSE.  This scenario provides the continuous services of a highly trained clerk or HSE professional, with the added redundancy of a Remote Industrial Paramedic to provide care if called upon.Paramedic

PSIS Remote Paramedics are the most highly trained in the industry.  The 40 hour Remote Medicine training course provides the framework to move an experienced paramedic working in emergency ground ambulance operations to the predominantly clinical setting of remote medicine. PSIS's overall training program includes annual continuing education, the 40 Hour Remote Medicine Course, and clinical rotations with PSIS’ in house physician.  A major part of the training program focuses on Case Management.   Case Management is the process of providing exemplary patient care for the injured party,  while being mindful of OSHA regulations.   Through relationships with strategic partners, PSIS can follow the patient from the moment of injury, through the course of treatment, to return to work.

PSIS Clerks, Logistics Coordinators, and Dispatchers are trained in the completion of all daily reports and programs used by the industrial community.  The company further specializes in support of Decommissioning Activities, (Plug & Abandon Operations), where equipment movement, cost control, SEMS compliance, and sub-contractor management are the main focus of those roles.


PSIS HSE support personnel range from HSE Technicians or SEMS Compliance Techs, to Certified Safety Professionals working in a variety of environments and locations.  Trainers can also be deployed to provide HSE, CPR, or other custom designed programs.

remote medicine training

Confined Spaces are one of the most dangerous situations employees face.  PSIS’ Rescue Teams can provide a pre-job assessment, create a safe-work plan, and monitor all confined space/high angle rescue activities while the project progresses.   Included in the Rescue Team is a Remote Paramedic, to render care if called upon during a rescue.

Technology has provided assistance in remote environments through Telemedicine.  PSIS's encrypted systems provide crystal clear audio, video, and telemetry during physician consults.  Remote Wellness Programs can include a health risk assessment, bloodwork, and physician telemedicine visit.

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