Seismic Surveys Prospecting for Offshore Wind in Maryland

Cruise mapping wind prospects off Maryland

State-funded survey collecting data for turbine development

By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun5:00 a.m. EDT, August 20, 2013

OCEAN CITY — The high-rise towers of Maryland's Atlantic beach resort were blips on the horizon from 13 miles offshore. Except for a distant container ship coming out of Delaware Bay, the Scarlett Isabella was practically alone as it cruised slowly through the gently rolling sea.

But most of the 15 scientists and technicians aboard the 138-foot vessel were focused on what's beneath the waves, eyes glued to a bank of computer screens tracking signals from sophisticated electronic gear deployed overboard.

The crew has been working almost nonstop since late June to map a 94-nautical-square-mile expanse of sea floor off Maryland's coast, gathering [seismic] data that could help place up to 40 huge wind turbines there to generate power. Weather permitting, they hope to be done next week...

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