Member Spotlight

For more than 70 years, Danos has been a strategic partner for oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world. The second and third generation of the Danos family have kept the company family-owned and managed, providing responsive end-to-end integrative service solutions to its clients.

Danos offers both land-based and offshore customers a broad range of production services. Services include automation, coatings, construction, fabrication, instrumentation and electrical, mechanical maintenance, production workforce, project management, scaffolding, shorebase and logistics, and valve and wellhead. Danos has 3,000 employees who conduct operations across the Gulf of Mexico and the North American shale plays.

Danos has seen steady operational growth over the last seven decades. In 1947, Allen Danos Sr. and his brother in law, Syriaque Curole, started a small tugboat company, Danos & Curole. Over the next seven decades the company, which became Danos in 2012, steadily grew and built up its operational and service portfolio that operators depend upon today. Read more here.