Member Spotlight

Ocean Minerals LLC (OML) is a privately-held deep ocean minerals exploration and development company, based in Houston, Texas.  OML is focused on its critical minerals projects located in the Cook Islands.

OML was founded in 2016 by Dr. John Halkyard as a result of a US Army Research Lab (ARL) grant awarded to OML’s predecessor, which was aimed at identifying and studying rare earth element (REE) deposits on the seafloor.  The result was the identification of a sizeable REE sediment source, as well as a large cobalt-rich polymetallic nodule field – both in the Cook Islands.  As a direct result, OML was created to pursue these opportunities.

OML’s strategy is to leverage established and improved upon technologies as system development evolves and equipment selection and related development is finalized.  Based on the existing inventory of deep-water drilling vessels, bulk material carriers, and other assets that are available for possible re-tooling and re-purposing to be used as nodule harvesting vessels and nodule storage vessels, OML has progressed several key partnerships, and expects further agreements on this front.  OML anticipates commercial production as soon as 2026.

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