Member Spotlight


One of these companies heavily involved in the COVID-19 response is Pharma-Safe, of Lafayette, Louisiana. Founded in 2005, Pharma-Safe provides Remote Industrial Paramedics, Clerks, Dispatchers, Logistics Coordinators, HSE Personnel, SEMS Compliance, HSE Trainers, Fire-Watch, CPR/AED/BBP Training, Wellness Programs, and the latest in Telemedicine Capabilities.

Pharma-Safe is providing on site healthcare screenings and has screened 54% of the people who work in the Gulf of Mexico, helping to ensure a safe, healthy and productive workforce. Pharma-Safe has also assembled a robust medical task force for COVID-19 patient care oversight in the work remote environment. In addition, Pharma-Safe has coordinated and conducted collaborative medical workshops along the Gulf Coast that will help offshore operators.

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