The Advocate: A bad call by Obama on Atlantic drilling ban

the advocateThe Advocate | March 17, 2016 | Editorial Board

Critics of President Barack Obama, particularly politicians from the Midwestern states, have made a slogan out of environmental regulations pushed by the administration. Obama’s War on Coal, they call it.

 Well, what about oil?
If not war, at least Obama is showing a strange aversion to drilling, including the oil drilling he frequently bragged about on the campaign trail in 2012, when he boasted of the energy revolution underway because of onshore fracking.

The administration said Tuesday it will bar oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of an energy-hungry America.

We think this policy reversal is both shortsighted and politically very strange.

Backers of Atlantic drilling include not only Republicans but Democrats; it has support from governors of the coastal states of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. While some politicians of both parties line up on different sides of the question, one of the backers of Atlantic drilling used to be Obama.

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