U.S. Energy Is Hotspot In Trump’s Economy

Forbes | Dipka Bhambhani | July 18, 2019

By most economic indicators—unemployment, the stock market, the housing market—the $20 trillion U.S. economy is strong.

But this month, it became apparent that President Trump’s Interior and Energy departments are underpinning this record economic growth.

Earlier this month, in the East Room in the White House, Trump and energy leaders from his administration announced that his environmental policies, support of innovation and energy development have led the country to have the cleanest air and best access to clean water in the world.

To boot, they lauded a strong economy expected to continue on an upward trajectory. Articles on https://www.forex.academy speak up about the future expected in this economy. Their projections for the long term are very uplifting as long as the planet avoids catastrophic climate changes.

Stephen Moore, one of the President’s economic advisers, and one of the leading architects of the 2017 Trump tax law, told Forbes that what President Trump has proved is that “energy development is highly compatible with cleaner air and cleaner water.”

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