Membership Application

  • Each Company is urged to include in NOIA membership every subsidiary or product or service group that has financial interest in ocean-related operations and is considered separate by customers. The gross sales of such subsidiaries shall be included in the total level of gross sales of the principal member for the purpose of establishing level of Association dues; but there will be no additional cost associated with the listing of subsidiary members.

    Your dues should be reviewed annually (and adjusted as necessary) using the schedule below. (Beginning January 1, 2004, companies with anniversary dates within the first six months of the year, dues were due in January. Those with anniversary dates within the last six months of the year, dues were due in July.) We will continue that twice yearly dues billing policy.

    Please check the category that accurately reflects your Gross sales allocated to U.S. offshore operations during most recent fiscal year:

    Additional Subsidiaries to be included at no additional cost if parent company is a member:

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  • Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes; however, 90% may be deducted as an ordinary business expense.