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The U.S. Department Of Energy Says More Oil, More Natural Gas

Forbes | Jude Clemente | September 29, 2019 Numerous energy headlines from this past week alone caught my attention. They perfectly illustrate the massive scale of investment plans for oil and gas projects around the world. Here are just a few: "Japan to invest $10 billion in […]

Our Views: Continue exploration, exploitation of oil and gas resources offshore

The Advocate | Staff Editorial | September 26, 2019 Louisiana and the Gulf Coast are a major reason for an economic disaster that did not happen. Not too many years ago, the attack on Saudi Arabian refinery facilities might have been a cataclysm for the […]

What oil price shock? American worries turn to the environment

Axios | Amy Harder | September 23, 2019 NEW YORK — The United Nations climate-change summit kicks off here today, a week after oil prices jumped more than they ever have in history. The big picture: These two developments offer a window into how Americans […]

Attacks on Saudi Arabian Oil Production Underscore Need for a Stronger Domestic Energy Program

For Immediate Release: Monday, September 16, 2019 Contact: Justin Williams, (202) 465-8464, Attacks on Saudi Arabian Oil Production Underscore Need for a Stronger Domestic Energy Program Washington, D.C. – NOIA’s Vice President of Government and Political Affairs, Tim Charters, issued the following statement regarding […]

Thriving oil and gas mean thriving U.S.

Greensboro News & Record | Letter to the Editor | September 11, 2019 History has taught the United States that when we export oil and natural gas, this country is stronger and the world is safer. World War II and the Berlin Airlift both were […]

Letter: Congress, don’t ban Virginia’s potential

The Virginian-Pilot | Letter to the Editor | September 11, 2019 I’ve lost count of the reports reminding us that 40% of Hampton Roads’ economic activity is dependent on defense spending, as well as the need to diversify our economy. I am grateful for our […]

Kremlin Kamala? Harris and other Democrats are embracing Vladimir Putin’s preferred US energy policy

Washington Examiner | Tom Rogan | September 5, 2019 I would only be half joking in proposing a Kamala Harris-Vladimir Putin ticket in 2020. The fact is, Harris' policy positions fit very closely to those most desired by Putin. Just consider what Harris said at […]

Offshore Development Bans Aren’t Set In Stone

InsideSources | Kristina Kiik | September 4, 2019 The Trump administration wants to open vast swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans to offshore energy development. But a federal judge is standing in the way. U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason recently ruled that neither President Trump […]

EDITORIAL: Don’t let Vineyard Wind lose momentum

Newbury Port News | September 2, 2019 An important piece of the energy future of Massachusetts and New England lies somewhere in the water south of Martha’s Vineyard, and it’s up to federal officials who’ve slowed its progress to make sure the opportunity doesn’t slip […]

First contact: Using offshore technology to find life on Mars

Offshore Technology | Umar Ali | September 2, 2019 The offshore oil and gas industry and space exploration have very different goals, but the conditions faced are similar. Much like operations in the inhospitable reaches of space, offshore oil and gas involves operating in temperatures […]
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