Keep it in the ground

Arctic drilling has vital role in energy, national security

FuelFix | October 25, 2016 | Erik Milito They’re calling it “mega,” “massive,” “major.” A new oil discovery in shallow waters off Alaska’s North Slope could contain 6 billion barrels of crude oil – singlehandedly increasing Alaska’s oil reserves by 80 percent and potentially producing […]

Sailing into the Arctic’s Future

MarineLink | October 17, 2016 | Randall Luthi Last month, a large cruise ship completed its inaugural cruise through the Northwest Passage. The historic journey brought nearly 1,700 passengers from Seward, Alaska, past the rugged wilderness and isolated villages of the Arctic, to the concrete […]

On Arctic Energy Development, Listen To The Locals

The Daily Caller | September 30, 2016 | Cliff Dolchok In the halls of Washington, regulators are now considering a five-year offshore leasing program that will largely determine Alaska’s role as an energy producer well into the future. Specifically, officials will decide whether to retain […]

Oceana does little to further an important and complex discussion

The Hill | September 29, 2016 | Lucas Frances Yesterday the environmental group Oceana authored a piece in these pages which attacked the Arctic Energy Center and Arctic Coalition as fronts for the oil and gas industry. We at the AEC welcome a discussion about Arctic […]

A Better Way on Energy Policy: An American Success Story

Morning Consult | September 8, 2016 | Rep. Fred Upton In a world often confronted with bad news, positive developments are welcome. Our nation’s energy situation is providing such relief to what’s often a drought of good news. Abundant supply, new technologies, market forces, and […]

Offshore Arctic Development; Alaskans Look North to Future

Real Clear Energy | September 16, 2016 | Mead Treadwell Alaska’s state motto, “North to the Future,” represents our state as a land of promise. Alaskans believe in that promise, and in an overwhelming response to the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management […]

Commentary: Knowledge has helped industry drill safely in Arctic for decades

Fuel Fix | September 9, 2016 | Nikki Martin As environmental groups continue to try to find ways to ban fossil fuel development, they often point to pictures of snow-covered tundras to make the point that we “just don’t know enough” about the Arctic environment […]

The harsh reality of Russia’s influence on Alaska’s offshore exploration

The Washington Examiner | August 15, 2016 | Guy Caruso Thanks to technological advancements, like Russia's creation of the world's largest icebreaker Arktika, oil and natural gas reserves beneath the Arctic waters are easier to access than ever before. As a result, the Arctic now […]

Luthi: Clinton and Trump lack broad-based energy policies

Fort Worth Star-Telegram | August 10, 2016 | Randall Luthi Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have wasted little time in addressing energy policy this election. In one of his first major policy speeches, Trump outlined a plan to expand traditional fuels, including an […]

Feds need to heed Alaskans about offshore oil and gas treasure

Alaska Dispatch News | August 10, 2016 | Kara Moriarty As U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Director Abigail Hopper visits our Alaska home this week, we welcome her, and invite her to take in the spectacular beauty for which our summers are known. But […]
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