Safety in Seas Award Winners


Culture of Safety Award - Era Helicopters

Safety Practice Award- Core Laboratories


Culture of Safety Award - EnVen Energy Corporation

Safety Practice Award- Deepwater Wind


Culture of Safety Award - Arena Offshore

Safety Practice Award- Frank's International


Culture of Safety Award Technip USA, Inc. 

Safety Practice AwardOceaneering, Inc.


Culture of Safety Award SEACOR Marine

Safety Practice AwardSEACOR Marine


Culture of Safety Award- DANOS

Safety Practice Award- Noble Corporation PLC

2013 Stone Energy Corporation

2012 ATP Oil & Gas - ATP Titan

2011 Bristow- Target Zero

2010 Shell - Perdido Project

2009 Global Industries, Ltd.

2008 Chevron Corporation for their Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Restoration Project

2007  Shell Exploration & Production Company for the Mars Platform recovery after Hurricanes Katrina / Rita

2006 MI-SWACO for CleanCut™ technology

2005 Noble Corporation for the “Noble Way Management System.”

2004 Tidewater Inc. for its Safety Management System

2003 ChevronTexaco and Oceaneering International for its "Genesis Riser Guide Modification Project"

2002 Chiles Offshore for its “Rig-Based Learning Centers and CrewMaster Program”

2001 ExxonMobil Development Company for its “Hoover/Diana Project -- World Record Deepwater Drilling & Production Platform Program”

2000 Halliburton Energy Services for its “Performance Improvement Initiative”

1999 Premiere, Inc. for its “Premiere Safety Program”

1998 BP Exploration for its “Marine Logistics Team - Interdependent Safety Culture”

1997 American Oilfield Divers for its “SMART Process”

1996 Chevron U.S.A. Production Company for its “Contractor Safety Process” and American Oilfield Divers for its “Safe Operations Process”

1995 Petroleum Helicopters, Inc., for its “Safety Incentives Program”

1994 American Petroleum Institute for its development of a recommended practice for identifying and minimizing the risks associated with offshore oil/gas drilling and production operations

1993 McDermott International’s Domestic Marine Division for its “Safety Council Organization”

1992 Schlumberger Limited for its “New Employee Safety Training Program”

1991 CNG Producing Company for its “Offshore Back Injury Prevention Program”

1990 BP Exploration - Offshore Division for its “Innovative Three-Part Safety Program”

1989 Sonat Offshore Drilling, Inc. for its “Standardized Offshore Survival System”

1988 Oceaneering International, Inc. for its efforts to improve various diving decompression tables

1987 Pool Company for its “Safety and Incident Prevention Program”

1986 Ocean Drilling and Exploration Company for its “Advanced Stability and Ballast Control Facility”

1985 Western Oceanic, Inc. for its “Synergetic Program to Provide Error Free (no accident) Service”

1984 International Association of Drilling Contractors for sponsoring the “Safety in Life Offshore Symposium”

1983 Marine Board - National Academy of Engineering for its efforts to improve offshore safety

1982 Shell Oil Company for outstanding achievement in operating safety in exploration and production activities

1981 The Offshore Company for its “Serving Offshore Safety Program”

1980 Zapata Offshore Corporation for its “Rig Safety and Training Representative Program”

1979 Geophysical Service Inc. for its innovative fleetwide safety program

1978 Oceaneering International, Inc. for the development of the IM diving suit