Guest Column: Support offshore oil and gas production

South Strand News | Perry Collins | April 23, 2019

The decision by some South Carolina state officials to oppose offshore natural gas and oil development in the Atlantic shows their true lack of seriousness about finding real, achievable solutions to improve our state’s economic and fiscal well-being.

The Interior Department’s proposal to open new areas for offshore exploration applies only to federally-owned areas in the Outer Continental Shelf – an area that begins miles away from our coast. The vessels used for testing would be nearly impossible to see, and certainly wouldn’t interfere with those enjoying our beautiful beaches or recreational activities along the coast.

False claims about offshore energy exploration are doing more harm to the tourism industry than the actual offshore exploration ever could.

Few industries can promise such significant job growth over such a sustained period. Natural gas and oil will continue to power our economy for years to come, ensuring this is a worthwhile investment in our state’s economic future.

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