LNG Export Pause May Forfeit Strategic Advantages for America, Our Allies

NOIA Press Statement, Congress

For Immediate Release: Monday January 29, 2024
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LNG Export Pause May Forfeit Strategic Advantages for America, Our Allies

Washington, D.C. – National Ocean Industries Association President Erik Milito issued the following statement in response to President Biden announcing a pause on pending and future permits to export liquefied natural gas (LNG):

“Pausing U.S. LNG export permits will have detrimental effects on the U.S., the Gulf Coast, and our allies, disrupting a crucial global energy source that offers stability and affordability. This decision also puts a pause to billions of dollars in investments along the Gulf Coast.

“Ordinary citizens in the U.S. and Europe will bear the costs of arbitrarily forfeiting a competitive market advantage to countries like Russia, a major LNG exporter. While Europe primarily imports LNG from the U.S., it still receives a substantial amount from Russia, which will undoubtedly exploit the decision.

"Moreover, tens of thousands of jobs and billions in wages along the Gulf Coast are tied to the growth of LNG facilities. The benefits of domestic LNG growth is bolstered by the fact that, according to Carnegie Mellon University, switching all U.S. coal plants to natural gas would substantially reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions and reduce national healthcare costs by $20 – 50 billion annually. The U.S. stands to transfer these benefits to the rest of the world through the displacement of coal with U.S. LNG.

“Overall, the U.S. LNG export permitting pause will diminish energy security, stability, and affordability, while impeding progress in emission reduction efforts.”


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